Jen is an NYU photog graduate, turn sought-after fashion photographer, shooting for magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue and a certified black belt! Jen underwent a life altering hand surgery that took her to the Hudson Valley to heal. Where she found a new home, and a new outlet for her passions.

"I started selling vintage clothes as a hobby, But I really do love this! Being in fashion introduced me to a lot of brands people don’t always know, and I’ve been collecting clothes for a bazillion years. I’m not a quiet person and not a wallflower, the clothes are kinda like that. I feel like I can truly reach more people with these highly curated finds than I did as a fashion photographer. Vintage is synonymous with ridiculously expensive, but I just want to make the world a little prettier, a little more fun!"

NYC born and bred, Blake spent 20 years working in creative, branding and global marketing for fortune 500 companies. Her penchant for discovery and storytelling, has always been her professional driving force, connecting product to people. After purchasing artist’s Bill Huebe’s home and showroom in the Hudson valley, she was so inspired by the space, she moved in! and let the space dictate the next phase of her life.

“Everything has a story to tell, and for every story there’s an eager audience. Forging those connections is what kept me passionate about what I did. Every piece of art, antique, collectible and curiosity has a story to tell and the Siren’s trove collection was the perfect opportunity to use my years of ‘storytelling’ experience to share and connect people to the many stories of these unique and highly varied finds!”